The story behind Bitvestment Exchange

The platform was founded in 2012 by Giancarlo Devasini and Raphael Nicolle.

At the time, it was the first professional trading site for cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Bitvestment is considered the exchange with the most liquid funds in BTCUSD in the world.

The platform also seems to have been developed for professional traders who want to make many and high transactions.

There are now over 51 employees working for the company and the service was downloaded over 31,000 times last month. This is an increase of about 20% per 30 days.

Again and again, the platform appears in the crypto news sometimes positive, sometimes negative which speaks for an increasing awareness.

Above all, however, one stumbles again and again over the „Bitvestment hack“ in which anonymous hackers were able to capture over 120,000 Bitcoin, although this incident already happened a few years ago, but does not really increase the trust in Bitvestment.

Is Bitvestment a scam?

Bitvestment is not a scam at all.

It is a reputable crypto exchange and a lot of security measures are now taken to protect customer accounts. Moreover, users are educated about all possible areas.

In the demo mode of the trading platform, there is a tutorial for the most important menu items, but the website does not seem to be intended for beginners in the market.

The trading options are too complex and you already need some experience and a good intuition for the market. Newbies do not have that yet and will most likely generate losses on the platform.

One can only make deposits via cryptocurrencies and the website openly deals with the fact that one is only allowed to trade if one deposits coins worth more than 10,000 American dollars into one’s account.

You will receive a notice about this before registering, which you also have to confirm with a checkmark.

The founders and CEOs are also real people, which is often not the case with fraudulent platforms.

Bitvestment fraud can therefore be ruled out.

Bitvestment Experience – The Conclusion

Bitvestment is a pure crypto exchange.

You can only pay with cryptocurrencies on the platform and fiat currencies are not supported at all.

However, there is a weakness in the customer service. You can only reach the support via contact form and there is no phone number for a direct conversation.

The website is also only available in four languages, which is a very low number compared to other brokers or exchanges.

On a positive note, the website offers 121 different coins to buy and sell and you can customize the design of the trading programs as you wish. You can protect your account via 2FA or U2F and the operators seem to do a lot against unauthorized access.

The fees are also relatively low, but you have to show a fairly high trading volume. Furthermore, the website seems to be more for experienced investors than for beginners. The operators of the platform also mention this several times.

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