Herencia Artifex Launches First NFT Collection for Artists of All Genres

• Herencia Artifex is an NFT project for artistic collaboration across genres.
• The first NFT “Gizan Katoh” is a collaboration with Gizan Kato, and will be released in multiple colors on OpenSea.
• The second NFT “Nails by mei” will be a collaboration with Mei Kawajiri, an artist with unconventional nail designs.

Herencia Artifex: An NFT Project For Artistic Collaboration

Herencia Artifex (HXA) is an NFT project that promotes collaboration across art world boundaries and provides a venue for artists of different backgrounds and styles to come together and produce creative works. Through this genre-transcending artistic collaboration in the Web3 space, new art forms and expressions are created to enrich the field of art.

The First HXA NFT: Gizan Katoh

The first HXA NFT “Gizan Katoh” is based on the work of Gizan Kato, a Buddhist priest whose artwork “Kirin” (Qilin) symbolizes good fortune in Japan. A total of 600 NFTs are available in multiple colors, including 15 special designs that will all be released at the beginning of June on OpenSea.

The Second HXA NFT: “Nails by mei”

The second HXA NFT collection will feature a collaboration with Mei Kawajiri, an artist who designs original and unconventional nails supported by celebrities worldwide. This collection is still under development but promises to bring another unique experience to the web3 space soon!

Benefits Of Owning An HXA Collection

Owners of an HXA collection have access to exclusive events as well as community participation rights. Those interested can find more information about these benefits on their website or social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.


Herencia Artifex aims to create realistic artistic experiences through its innovative use of digital technology such as 3D art and NFTs. With two collections already released or under development, there’s no doubt that this project will continue bringing amazing collaborations across genres while also providing exclusive benefits for its owners!